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LAB Services

The department of Laboratory Medicine is headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Sofi Zohair Rangwala is assisted by team of experienced medical technicians. It is one of the best Laboratory in the Sultanate in private health sector, having the latest and state- of –the- art equipments. Following are the facilities available in the Laboratory.

  • Bio-chemistry
    Cobas Integra, Reflotron, Hitachi -902 auto analyser for bio-chemistry and special chemistry
  • Immunology and Endocrinology
    Architect, analyser -2000 and 1000 for infectious dz and hormones analysis
  • Hematology
    Complete blood cell count by 5-part analyser and co-agulation analyser
  • Serology and clinical pathology
    Urine analyser
    wide range of serological tests
  • Urea Breath Test
  • Diabetic check-up with HbA,C
  • Microbiology

Aerobic and anaerobic culture
Fully auto-analyser Vitek-2 for microbiology Tests and antibiotic susptiblity Tests

Above all facilities available in all branches of Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals