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Continuing the legacy of imparting medical education and updating the medical fraternity with the recent developments in medical field, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals organized the CME for the doctors of North Al Bāţinah, South Al Sharqiyah and surrounding regions. 

In the first CME Badr Al Samaa, Suhar and Falaj  jointly organized a Continuing  Medical Education (CME) on “Osteoporosis and Vitamin D Deficiency” and “Photodermatoses” in Crowne Plaza, Suhar. The topics presented were “Osteoporosis and Vitamin D Deficiency” by Dr. Sajit T. R., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Badr Al Samaa, Suhar and “Photodermatoses” by Dr. Swathy Lekshmi J. L., Dermatologist from Badr Al Samaa, Falaj. More than 100 doctors from various Hospitals, clinics, medical centres, etc, attended the event. The CME was accredited by Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB). 

In his welcome address, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Centre Head of Badr Al Samaa, Suhar welcomed all the doctors, who were present on the occasion. He spoke about the significance of organizing CME’s and the role and contribution of Badr Al Samaa since inception. Dr. Sudhakar, ENT Specialist, Badr Al Samaa, Suhar and Dr. Somnath, Internist, Badr Al Samaa, Falaj introduced the speakers by throwing light on their rich educational background and vast experience.

Dr. Sajit T. R. explained ‘What is Osteoporosis?’ and defined the primary Osteoporosis and the Secondary Osteoporosis. He spoke in depth about Primary Osteoporosis, which is physiological bone depletion that normally accompanies ageing and loss of gonadal (reproductive) activity. He has emphasized that, postmenopausal Osteoporosis affects 10 to 20 years following the Menopause, especially patients are characterized by high bone turnover and rapid loss of trabecular bone (porous and contains redbone marrow, where blood cells are made). He added that Secondary Osteoporosis is due to various endocrines, metabolic and neoplastic (abnormal growth of cells, also known as a tumor) causes. He also highlighted the importance of Vitamin D and the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency and explained about, how to rectify the same. 

Dr.Swathy Lekshmi. J. L., spoke about ‘Photodermatoses’ and explained, how the Ultra Voilet rays penetrate through the skin layers and she discussed about the early effects of the same, which causes the Erythema (Sun Burn), Pigmentation, Immunological Changes and Vitamin D Synthesis. Dr. Swathy Lekshmi further discussed about the precautions to be taken and how to be treated the patients on Photodematoses. She enlightened the attendees about the latest advanced in form of Oral Sunscreen, currently used as supplements. 

Dr. Shafeek Muhammed, Group CEO, in his felicitation address emphasized that Badr Al Samaa Group is committed to provide high quality treatment in adherence to JCI standards with patient safety as its underlying motto. He also added the importance of conducting CME and how Badr Al Samaa has maintained this legacy over one and half decades. He said we are doing this on group level to ensure each and every doctor across the Sultanate gets benefitted with this.  

Dr. Sajit T. R. and Dr. Swathy Lekshmi J. L were felicitated with mementos by Dr. Shafeek Muhammed and Mr. Aneesh Mohanan, Branch Head, Badr Al Samaa, Falaj, delivered the vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude to the medical fraternity, who participated in the event. 

In an another CME Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinic, Sur organized a Continued Medical Education Programme (CME) on in Sur Beach Resort Hotel, Sur for the doctors of South Al Sharqiya and surrounding region. The topics presented were Acute Suppurative Otitis Media (ASOM) and Serous Otitis Media (OME) by Dr. Ameer Khan ENT Specialist from Badr Al Samaa, Sur and Lasers in Dermatology by Dr. Ajanta Shaikh, Dermatologist from Badr Al Samaa, Sur. More than 75 doctors and medical staffs from Miistry of Health, various hospitals, clinics, medical centres, etc. attended this event. This CME was also accredited by Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB). 

Mr. Shamnath Abdul Kalam, Branch Head, Badr Al Samaa Polyclinic, Sur greeted all the attendees and presented the agenda of the CME. In her welcome speech, Dr Anitha M.S Gynecologist of Badr Al Samaa, Sur, welcomed all the delegates from the Ministry of Health, South Al Sharqiya region and the doctors who participated in this event. She explained the importance of organizing CME’s and the contribution of Badr Al Samaa in this regard. The CME Chairperson Dr. Muhammed Shafeek, Group CEO, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals & Polyclinic, introduced the speakers and congratulated the Badr Al Samaa Sohar Team for inviting General Physicians and other doctors from far off places.

Dr. Ameer Khan presenting on Acute Supparative Otitis media (ASOM) and Otitis Media (OME)  explained that Acute Otitis Media is an acute inflammation of the middle ear caused by Pyogenic Organisms (Bacteria) and Otitis Media with effusion is the collection of sterile fluid in the middle ear seen commonly in children. He said if we don’t detect or treat on time, OME may lead to hearing loss and hearing disabilities. He spoke in depth regarding the risk factors, aetiology, bacteriology, clinical symptoms and signs treatment of ASOM and OME. He explained the preventive and the recent advances in treatment of ASOM and OME.  He said one reason for ear for ear infections is the improper breast feeding techniques. Ms. Muna Al Araimi, representing Ministry of Health laid emphasis on educating young mothers on proper breast feeding techniques and increasing awareness on antibiotics.

Dr. Ajanta Shaikh, presented ‘Lasers in Dermatology’ and explained about Laser basic, development, physics and the application in dermatology treatments and beauty therapy. She explained about laser properties and mechanism of laser interaction with human tissues. She pointed about the skin conditions for laser treatment and types of lasers and treatments using nowadays. She shared the information about the latest and new laser machines available in the industry for the treatments. The indications and contraindications explained well by the doctor and concluded her speech with the proper medication and care to take after the laser treatments. 

 Dr. Ameer Khan and Dr. Ajanta Shaikh were felicitated with mementos by Dr. Shafeek Muhammed and invited dignitaries from the Ministry of Health, South Al Sharqiya region. Dr. Kanya Lal, Ophthalmologist delivered the vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude to all the participants.

Both the CME’s were very interactive and the audience posed many queries to the presenters who explained them with examples and interactions.

Badr Al Samaa Group is expanding their presence in the region. As part of their expansion plan, Badr Al Samaa Group is building a 100 bedded state-of-the-art multisepeciality Hospital in Suhar and it will be commissioned by mid of 2019. This will be a continuation of the legacy of the group, in bringing world class healthcare to the people of North Al Batinah region. This Hospital will attract the most advanced and latest technology, and will become the centre of excellence in many specialities and superspecialities. The design and other systems will be entirely compliance to JCI guidelines. 

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