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Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Barka, an advanced 80 bedded Multispeciality Hospital in South Al Batinah Governorate organized Continuous Medical Education (CME) session on the topic, Arthroscopic Knee & Ankle Surgery – Enhanced Recovery. The event was held in Al Sawadi Beach Resort. The topic was presented by the renowned Arthroscopy and Reconstruction Orthopaedic Surgeon and Consultant Dr. Kamran Saeed.  Dr. Saeed has operated hundreds of such patients during past years in Oman. 

CME had an overwhelming response and saw the gathering of around 100 specialist doctors from Al Batinah and Muscat Governorate. Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Barka has been pivotal in organizing such advanced learning sessions and involving the renowned names to present such topic with case studies.  

Dr. Ilan A Chezhian, Specialist Orthopaedician and Medical Superintendent of Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Barka welcomed all the doctors present and moderated the session.  Dr Aby Thomas Ben, Specialist Orthopaedician introduced Dr. Kamran Saeed to the gathering. He put light on his rich educational and two plus decade practical background in United Kingdom. He said Dr. Saeed over the years developed special interest in sports medicine, foot & ankle surgery and lower limb Arthroplasty, complex trauma and arthroscopic surgery including joint replacements. He has trained these procedures to young Orthopaedic surgeons in OMSB (Oman Medical Specialty Board).

In his presentation Dr. Kamran Saeed spoke about the importance and relevance of Arthroscopic Surgeries in many conditions like Osteoarthritis, Ligament tear, Sports Injuries, etc. He said Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive technique which leads to rapid recovery, less post operative pain and earlier return to sports and work. Arthroscopy means inducing a small 4.5mm camera inside the knee or ankle joint and working with specially designed instruments so no large cut is made, hence minimal injury to soft tissues. 

Badr Al Samaa has successful¬ly completed more than 1,000 Arthroscopic Surgeries since 2013 with excellent results. A team of 21 Orthopaedicians led by Dr. Kamran Saeed comprise the best team for Arthroscopic Surgeons in the region with 24 x 7 support by the team. Badr Al Samaa believes in excellence and transparent patient care, all their patients are given a video CD of their surgery which they can take anywhere in the world to for future reference and assurance of quality of work. Post Surgery outcome are highly dependent on good quality of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In certain surgeries they provide 10 physiotherapy sessions free of charge. They don’t compromise on quality and use good quality implants for ligament reconstruction like Anthrax (Florida USA), etc.

 The CME was followed by interactive session, which saw good participation by the doctors present. K O Devassy, Chief Marketing Officer, Badr Al Samaa Group presented the memento to the speaker.

Dr Raveendran A V, Specialist Internist proposed the vote of thanks. He said these CMEs will definitely prove boon to the doctors of the region which will result in convenience and right treatment to patients having such conditions. Such patients are being now operated in Badr Al Samaa Hospital Barka. 

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