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About Emergency Medicine Department

This department caters to accident/trauma/other emergency cases along with acute illnesses. As first-line providers, it’s the physician’s primary responsibility to revive and stabilise the patient and start off diagnostic investigations. They attend to all types of medical and surgical emergencies for adults and paediatric patients.

The Emergency Medicine section in Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Medical Centres is well-equipped with relevant resuscitation devices including fully-equipped crash carts, fully-equipped ambulance services, portable ventilators, portable x-rays, cardiac and BP monitors, Pulse oximeters, ECG, triage room, minor procedure room, resuscitation room, etc.

Our Emergency Medicine Specialist

Dr Mina Kadkhodazadeh
Specialist Emergency Medicine MBBS, MD Al Khoud (Oman) Request An Appointment + View Doctor +

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